Nick's Got a Blog!

What?! Are you kidding me?! Nick's got a blog?! Oh, what a wonderful day for the world and for interrobangs! (Side note, this spell check does not recognize the word "interrobang". I would appreciate if this problem is rectified swiftly and justly. Also, if we could all agree on the correct spelling of interrobang, that too would be greatly appreciated.)

Now that I've got my own personal blog on my own personal website, I feel the sky's the limit! Of course, it's a little too early to push things to the limit, so I shall try to remain as grounded as ever. Also, please stop cringing. That's actually excellent wordplay and should be rewarded as such.

So, what do I hope to accomplish here? I don't know. Now that I have a voice, I feel I should use it for good. At the very least, I should use it for self-promotion. Would you be OK with that, internet? Can I promote myself a little bit more? Listen, I know. I hate this as much, if not more than you do. The idea of "self-promotion", "branding", "networking", and otherwise "getting myself out there" fills me with all the ick. However, it is a necessary evil.

The day I decided to pursue the life of the "artist", I became a small business owner. My main product? Me. Now, do I believe in the product I'm selling? Well, maybe not 100%, but that's never stopped other, more successful businesses. I just have to convince the consumer that my product is worth buying. I need to convince the consumer that my product will make them cool, make them happy, and help them achieve everything they've ever wanted out of life., I present to you Nick Martucci: The first, last, and only Nick Martucci you'll ever need!™

How's that for branding, huh? Pretty, pretty good if you ask me.

So, getting back to my original question, what is it that I hope to accomplish here? Well, the answer, my dear friend/acquaintance/future benefactor, is quite simple. I only hope to keep this active. If not for you, then for me. I deserve to stick with things, even if they seem unnecessarily difficult for me. Why? Well, first off, you sure do ask a lot of questions, hypothetical reader in my head. But, the answer is that I require proof that I can.

This may not seem like a big idea to you. Maybe it's because talking about yourself comes easy to you. Maybe it's because you see no inherent value in what I'm doing, and both I and my work seem, and I'm quoting you here, "like a big ol' pile of nothing juice." Or, maybe it's just because you stopped reading a long time ago. That's cool. I understand. I would have, too. But, that won't stop me from talking behind your back to the others. Hey others, that other reader sure was dumb/unsupportive/the owner of a weird shirt that we all pretended to like but really thought was just meh, right? You guys are cool, though. We should hang out more. Anyway, I've got to go and get to my point already. TTYL!

Anyway, all I'm trying to say here is that my goal is to make this blog worth reading. If I can't do that, my only other hope is that I keep writing regardless. So, if I don't get a chance to talk to you again, just know that I appreciate your support, I'm glad you're here, and I like your shirt.