Favorite Movies and Performances of 2017

You could watch the Oscars, OR you could read this post! Or you could do both. Or neither. Up to you. But, you're here, so why not read this list of my favorite movies and performances of 2017? Come on. Just do it! Also, rankings or approximate and don't really matter. I like everything here. OK. Now the post.

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But the Medication Was Supposed To Work...

I love hearing other people who have mental illness talk about their experiences. It’s nice to hear others put into words the thing I feel and have experienced. It’s good. It’s comforting. You know, until the point where they say something like, “And then I went on medication, and things got better.” That’s when you lose me. That’s when that hopeless feeling regains control. I wish I had that story to tell. I don’t.

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More Important Than the Oscars - My Favorite Movies/Actors/Actresses of 2015

Just a quick post. I'm finally getting around to putting out my favorites of 2015, if anybody still cares. I just wanted to acknowledge the movies and actors I really enjoyed last year. I've put together my 50 favorite movies (in order) as well as 50 actors and 50 actresses I thought were great. So, yeah, here's that.

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Over 200 Films By Women That You Can Stream Now On Netflix!

Inspired by womeninfilm.org and their #52FilmByWomen movement, I've been spending a lot of time over the last couple of weeks seeking out films directed by women. I found quite of few "Best Of" lists online, but I wanted something more substantial. This started out as a personal reference guide so I could quickly find something to watch on Netflix. After combing My List trying to find every film I had queued that was directed by a woman, I decided to take it a step further. I spent the last few days searching hundreds of directors on Netflix and compiling as comprehensive a list as I could. The result – just over 200 films, a disappointing yet unsurprisingly low number. 

This is why I support organizations like Women In Film. We are in desperate need of more diversity behind and in front of the camera. Hollywood has been a boy's club for long enough, and unless we continue to push back, they won't change. Amazing storytellers are being denied a platform simply because of their gender. It's bullshit and it needs to change.

So, in support of films by women, here is as comprehensive a list as I can provide of women-directed films currently available for streaming on Netflix!

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Note: This list reflects the US region and may vary by location. If you notice a film not on the list that should be or a film that is no longer available for streaming, please let me know. I will do my best to keep this list as up to date as possible.

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The Last Best Movies of 2014 Post You'll Ever Need

Now that the Academy has spoken, it's finally time for me to leave 2014 behind. But first, allow me to share my favorite movies, actors, and actresses, because this is my blog and around these parts, my opinion trumps all.

Not satisfied with just 10 movies, I've decided to go out all this year and list my Top 50 Favorite Movies of 2014. I rated all of these movies at least 3.5/5 and would recommend all of them (Unless you don't want to see them. I can't force you.). Here we go:

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Goodbye To My Grandmother, My Nonny, My Biggest Fan

It’s taken me some time to write this as I’ve tried to sort everything out in my head, but here it goes. On Wednesday evening, my grandmother passed away suddenly and without any real warning. I’ve put up a sort of mental block on the whole situation. It doesn’t quite feel real yet. I see her face next to her obituary, and it just doesn’t connect. I catch myself thinking about everything I’ll say to her the next time I see her, not quite letting myself believe that there won’t be a next time. I’ve felt moments of real grief, sadness, and pain the last few days. I’ve been trying to feel it when I’m in the position to, but after that, it gets buried back down. There’s sort of a bubble around the whole thing in my mind.

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My 2014 Movie Viewing Recap: Part I - What I Saw in 2014

This is Part I of what is sure to be a too many part series of blogs about what movies I saw in 2014. What better way to kick these of than to just go down the list of what I watched this year? In 2014, I saw a total of 255 movies. This is just those movie in order of year released. I'll save the rating/ranking for another blog. Also, I've thrown in some random stats because I keep track of a lot of unnecessary data, and I need to put it somewhere. And so it begins...

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